Because a crime that happens to the body must be addressed through the body


Host Nityda


Bring a Trauma-Informed Yoga Training to Your Studio

What people say about Nityda​

  • Nityda's [training] went beyond my expectations. The workshop was not only highly trauma-informed and experiential, but gave me practical applications to implement with my clients immediately, as well as starting my own home, self-care yoga practice.


  • Nityda Gessel: A skillful instructor, compassionate counselor, and experienced yoga teacher, Nityda distilled the complex yoga teachings into the most essential techniques that work within our clinical settings. Our group came from all different worlds and she made sure the training benefited each of us. I feel empowered and excited to take these lessons and safely incorporate them into my work with clients!


  • Nityda's training surpassed all of my expectations. I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this training in which I was able to acquire so much valuable and useful knowledge and information. I am inspired and extremely motivated to put most of this knowledge into practice as I am certain that it will help me to continue to grow in my own yoga practice as well as in the work that I do with my clients


  • For a person that had been lacking personal self-care, this experience brought me back to giving to me. That way, I can give more of my emotion, gifts, and support to others needing similar qualities.