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Learn about the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠, a revolutionary healing modality that has transformed the ways thousands of mental health clinicians and yoga teachers practice worldwide.

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    Nityda Bhakti Gessel

    Nityda Gessel is a somatic psychotherapist, trauma specialist, yoga teacher and educator, mom and heart-centered activist. Nityda is the founder of the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Institute, creator of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠, and author of the Norton book: Embodied Self Awakening: Somatic Practices for Trauma Healing and Spiritual Evolution.

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    Join Nityda Gessel, founder of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Institute, creator of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ (TCYM), licensed somatic psychotherapist, and experienced yoga teacher of close to two decades, as she reviews the nuts and bolts of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠.

    What will you learn?

    1. Discover the Transformative Power: Unveil the incredible potential of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ and how it can revolutionize your approach to healing.

    2. Versatility Across Diverse Settings: Explore the myriad ways in which The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ is a versatile tool, applicable in clinical, yoga, and a variety of community settings

    3. Unlock Evidence-Backed Advantages: Delve into the benefits that The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ brings to the table for you and those you support

    4. Uniqueness in Approach: Learn what sets The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ apart from other trauma-informed yoga models and trainings. Discover how our method offers an exclusive and effective way to address trauma