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Courtney Burns, LCSW

My clients are ready to ditch their anxiety and worry. They know that the feelings of shame are keeping them from connecting to others. They are ready to find ways to ease that pounding chest and sense of impending doom. They know stress is a part of life but they would like to learn more ways to manage their worries. They’ve been able to keep it together for the most part so far despite their hardships. But they are ready to do more than just get by!

We will use some concepts based in brain science, to help your central nervous system find relief. We will come up with ways to help you feel equipped to deal with whatever life throws your way. But we won’t just stick to the surface! Part of my approach includes gathering a history of what your life was like as a child; paying particular attention to attachment experiences. Doing some of this deeper historical work can lend to major insights that help you make connections to healing whatever your initial concern was at the start of working together.

For over ten years I have been helping folks build skills and develop methods to combat their worries and fears. I have tons of coping skills and ideas at the ready! I know first hand that anxiety as well as trauma can make life really hard.

I believe that many of us (including therapists!) in life could benefit from therapy from time to time. I guess I come from a pretty biased position on that one! But as a therapist, I believe it is important to examine our personal beliefs and values, as they often come from some pretty dark hidden places that we are not even aware of.  As a clinical social worker, this lens helps me examine with curiosity the impact and our role in systems of white supremacy, patriarchy and ableism. As white heterosexual cisgender woman with my own privileges, I come to this work with some education but also with a learner’s mindset.

Education and Credentials

In depth training in interventions that assist in regulating the nervous system including Polyvagal Theory

Certified in Trauma Conscious Yoga Method-TCYM

B.S Psychology Portland State University-2006

Masters in Social Work Loyola University-2011

Practitioner Details

TCYM Certification Status
Trauma-Conscious Yoga Certified
Class Types
Group Therapy

Contact Information

4531, Southeast Belmont Street, Hawthorne, Sunnyside, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, 97215, United States
Zip/Post Code
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