What others are saying about The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ and Nityda


What others are saying about The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ and Nityda

Sonia Ross, LCSW, TCYM

Founder – Full Circle Therapy Services

“This training was very impactful for me on a personal and professional level. I believe truly that it changed my heart. It helped me to see myself and the traumas I have experienced in a new light and access parts of myself that I was not able to access before. Because of the knowledge and insight gained from this training and Nityda’s expertise, I can now approach my clients in new ways and with deeper insights into their recovery process and even my own. I would happily take this exact same training again because it did so much for my head and my heart which all serves to make me a better clinician.”

Vanessa Newton, LCSW-S, CDWF, EMDR-Trained, TCYM

Owner – Licensed Therapist at Colors of Austin Counseling

“The TCYM training is hands down the best training I’ve ever taken in my 10+ years of being a therapist. I find myself not only feeling more confident as a therapist but also seeing the transformation that is taking place with my clients and their healing journey through this work. The training was healing for me in so many ways and this way of being with clients is sure to change the world.”



Taimour Ahmed, RYT, TCYM

“I started The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ Certification Program in summer 2021 and it is the best educational course I have done in my life. After having completed my 200-hour teacher training, I was actively looking for a course that would be critical, nuanced but also culturally informed when it comes to BIPOC communities. As someone who is the founder of a community-led organisation that support South Asian communities in mental health from an intersectional and critical lens, I was/will always be, deeply appreciative of how nuanced this course is. In a world of yoga courses that are a-political (by design) and ideas such as trauma in relation to structural and systemic issues are actively ignored, Nityda and the team deliver something that is quite revolutionary – not only it’s it’s content but the purpose it serves in community based healing. I cannot commend this course enough and I am actively going to continue my education solely with TYMC in the future as I develop my understanding of trauma focussed yoga.”

Aseantè Renee, LMSW, TCYM

“Nityda is a Healer’s Healer and this training does what so few actually accomplish: it holds space for both our own emotional breakthroughs as practitioners while teaching techniques that support all seasons of a client’s healing journey.

Every healing practitioner, especially therapists, should get certified in TCYM for both our clients well being and our own ongoing healing work.”







Tyisha Jones, RYT, TCYM

Founder – Black Girl Centered

“This training was life-changing. It enlightened us on how practitioners can integrate somatic practices and indigenous modalities to assist communities, especially those dealing with trauma. It is amazing what our body can tell us. Nityda provided greater insight on how sensations in our bodies are signals and showed ways to bring comfort to the parts we have come to resist because of trauma. This training was truly a social justice forum, spreading concepts dealing with the disembodiment of marginalized and colonized individuals/communities, and ways of challenging oppressive systems through healing modalities such as yoga.”

Brittney Lollis, LMSW, TCYM


“This training brought a lot of depth to my practice. Now I focus a lot more on the sensations in the body instead of just feelings. I’ve already recommended this training to a couple of colleagues. I think that the more clinicians that have this depth of training, the better this field can be for our clients.”





A letter to Nityda

Nityda, As for what has changed for me, I think the biggest thing is my relationship with my body. I’ve had chronic autoimmune conditions for as long as I can remember but didn’t notice how that created an adversarial relationship with my body. (For instance, when people asked me what autoimmune diseases are I would tell them “It means my body hates me and attacks me.” Wow!) Some of the meditations we did in our training helped me relate to my body in a way I never have before. It’s still a work in progress but I am better able to recognize when I feel separate from my body or angry at my body. I am slowly learning to treat my body with kindness and compassion.

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]Because I don’t often feel positively connected with my body I would not talk with my clients much about it and if I did it was superficial and cautious. I now consider mind-body connections with every client, whether they mention it or not. Now that I’ve learned it I can’t “unsee” it. It filters every assessment and plan I have with clients. I suggest and model breathing and movement in session in ways I was not comfortable doing before.

I’ve also reconnected with my own personal hatha yoga practice (which I have neglected for years mostly because I didn’t trust my body to do it) and am now also exploring other parts of yoga that I didn’t know existed! I’m also allowing myself to not do yoga “perfectly”, which restricted my practice previously, and remind myself that doing something with proper form is more important than how far I can fold or whatever it might be. I try not to compare myself with others in class and allow myself to move in ways that feel good to me (or realize that I don’t know what feels good so just move and learn about myself during the process!).

Finally, another thing that impacted me was your statement about not practicing something with clients unless we practice it ourselves. This is obvious in many ways but I think previously I would have viewed yoga or body work as something I could talk intelligently about and teach others without my own personal practice. I now recognize the error in those thoughts which makes me hold that lens with anything I introduce in my therapy sessions.

I’ve talked with colleagues so much about your workshop that they reflect things like “you really did enjoy that, didn’t you?” or “you’ve mentioned that workshop a few times”. I hadn’t realized how much I was talking about it until they bring it to my attention! Just another way it keeps that learning in focus for me and reminds me how I’ve grown.

I appreciate you creating a space for that to happen!

Christina Dixon, LCSW  [/read]

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Emily Anderson, LPC, RYT, TCYM

Founder –
Embodied Counseling and Yoga

“Nityda’s training is an incredible opportunity for mental health professionals and yoga teachers! Rooted in social justice and informed by neuroscience, Nityda brings her personal and lived experiences along with her years of training in therapy, EMDR, yoga, parts work, and other somatic modalities. Even if you’ve had prior training in trauma-informed yoga, I highly recommend The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method Training as Nityda blends all of these healing modalities together beautifully!”

Ryan Andrews, LCSW, RYT, TCYM

Founder – Ryan Andrews Therapy

“I just completed the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method training with Nityda and it was everything I hoped for, and more. I have been practicing yoga, yoga therapy, and psychotherapy for years now, but have yet to find teachings/trainings that so thoroughly incorporate a trauma-focus. Nityda has taken her years of experience, various trainings and education, and current research, and combined it all to make a comprehensive training that would benefit (and dare I say, should be required for) all yoga teachers, psychotherapists, yoga therapists, and really all helping professionals. I found the structure of the training to have the perfect blend of experiential practice (we actually learned and practiced the tools we were learning to share with others), lecture, thoughtful discussion, and healing ritual. Nityda has dedicated her life to educating helping professionals on the impact of trauma on the mind and body, and empowering them to find ways to tailor their work to remain sensitive to this. I highly recommend you take a future training with her, should your interest be even slightly sparked. Trust your instinct, and go for it. You will be a better clinician, teacher, and all around human for it!” 

Nanette Labastida, RYT, TCYM

Teacher – Yoga for Cancer Survivors

“The skills I learned in this training really helped me connect with my students more deeply than I had before. I was more tapped into my own intuition and what my client needed from me. I could literally do this training again and be happy and educated the entire time, it’s so good!”

Brittany Harris, LMSW, RYT, TCYM

Therapist, Trauma-Conscious Yoga Teacher

I attended the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method Teacher training with every thought of simply learning a new therapeutic technique; I never imagined how transformative this training would be for me personally. I am elated to say the training surpassed my expectations. The content was presented in a manner that was easy to digest and made sense. Nityda did an amazing job with demonstrating how to practically integrate movement in a therapy session and how to gain client buy-in. Not only did we learn the techniques but we explored them with ourselves which was life-changing for me. I left this training with more therapeutic knowledge but also with new self-realizations. I could go for days about how the meditations and techniques sparked healing for me during training, but I’ll end by saying how grateful I am to have been a member in this training at this assigned time. Nityda, thank you for your beautiful spirit as a person and for your mission.”

Kathy Kinskey, LPC, TCYM

Founder- Kathy Kinskey Therapy

“Your training was extremely valuable and I also love your spirit and energy and how you teach. You are bringing so much to the world.”

Nicole Williams, LPC, TCYM

Founder – Nicole Williams Therapy

“Nityda’s training went beyond my expectations! Not only was the training highly trauma-informed and experiential, but it gave me practical applications to implement with my clients immediately, as well as starting my own home, self-care yoga practice.”

Christina Dixon, LCSW, TCYM

Founder – Christina Dixon Counseling

“I learned so much about myself these past few days, in The TCYM TT, and I plan to make changes in my life and work because of it. I am really excited to use these tools with my clients as well! It’s been wonderful getting to know and learn from Nityda. I am grateful for this training”

Sarah Gates, BSW, RYT, TCYM

Trauma-Conscious Yoga Teacher

“Today, I volunteered to do a demo session with Nityda in Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method​SM Teacher Training where she supported me in doing inner-child work, integrated with trauma-conscious yoga, to address my own childhood trauma and grief. It was some of the deepest and most profound work I’ve done involving the traumatic loss of my father. Thank you, Nityda.”

Deborah Sharp, LCSW, CGP, TCYM

Founder – Deborah Sharp Therapy

“Incorporating movement: My own movement, my client’s movement, the idea that we could actually use our bodies in therapy was the biggest thing I took away from this training. I enjoyed the idea of conditional language- the idea of offering the opportunity, “when you feel ready,” “if you would like to,” “you might do this,” rather than a direct command to do a certain thing. It makes a lot of sense when you’re working with people who have experienced trauma.”

Renee Villanueva, LMSM, RYT, TCYM

Founder – Root & Radiate Yoga for Self Care

“I found the case studies beneficial in being able to act out and practice using yoga with a client while having someone interact back with me. It was beneficial to see Nityda demonstrate what it looks like in her practice; it made me feel more comfortable as a clinician being able to see her walk through that process.

I left the training really happy and excited about my increased comfort level. Before, when entering the psychotherapy realm, I did yoga separately from doing talk therapy and I didn’t have a comfort level combining the two. I needed guidance around what that process looked like, what it sounded like. The training really provided me with that lens, to let me release and no longer struggle with that. I would recommend this training for clinicians, to learn how to get their clients in tune with their bodies and bring a more present-moment, mindful way of being able to interact with their client when something comes up..”

Alexis Milneck-Edwards, LCSW, TCYM

Founder – Birth 360

“This weekend I had the privilege of learning how to use the trauma-conscious yoga method in my practice. I was not only guided through the history and tenants of yoga as a contemplative practice, but also encouraged to explore the ways yoga has failed to be inclusive and accessible. We discussed the ways yoga relates to race, power and privilege and how we can shift our language and presence to provide survivors a safe, supportive, space to reclaim their bodies and feel more empowered in their healing.

Nityda, I’m still soaking in all the goodness you have taught me. I’m so beyond grateful for your wisdom and willingness to share it with this world. We are luck to have you in it. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. I am grateful to know you and look forward to continuing to share your teachings.”

Testimonials about Nityda

Lynn Chang, PhD, TCYM

Founder – Career Zen

“A skillful instructor, compassionate counselor, and experienced yoga teacher, Nityda distilled the complex yoga teachings into the most essential techniques that work within our clinical settings. Our group came from all different worlds and she made sure the training benefited each of us. I feel empowered and excited to take these lessons and safely incorporate them into
my work with my clients.”

Renee Villanueva, LMSW, RYT, TCYM

Founder – Root & Radiate Yoga for Self-Care

“I loved Nityda’s teaching style. She’s very considerate of what would be most beneficial to everyone in the room. We had LCSW’s, LPC’s, and yoga instructors and she was very mindful of what would be most beneficial to the group. I really appreciated her transparency and authenticity throughout the training.”

Get to know the woman behind The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠

Doran Oatman, LCSW, TCYM

Founder – A New Beginning Counseling

“Nityda is so gentle, is so conscientious. I love that she allows space for vulnerability.”

Brittney Lollis, LMSW, TCYM


“One thing I love is that Nityda is still accessible after the training; we’ve had multiple conversations and she’s been a great resource for me.”

Tabitha Peterson, LPC, TCYM


“Nityda wasn’t just teaching us how to do something, she was embodying those principles. She was modeling receptivity and openness, thoughtfulness, and at the same time very intentional and purposeful.”

Deborah Sharp, LCSW, CGP, TCYM

Founder- Deborah Sharp Therapy

“Nityda’s presence in this training, in general, is so calming; she works for her own center and it just comes across so clearly that she regularly practices what she’s teaching us. She’s the person you want to sit next to. She’s really someone who is valuable to be in a training with.”

Jessica Seebeck, LMSW, RYT, TCYM

Psychotherapist/ Yoga Teacher

“The TCYM training was hands down one of the most educational, therapeutic, and affirming trainings I have attended post grad school. Nityda is warm, kind, passionate, and so personable. I always knew I loved mine/body approaches, with a focus on body-inclusivity, and this education and experience has been so validating of me on my path. I intend on using trauma informed yoga throughout my career from this point forward. Very exciting!”