The Trauma-Conscious Yoga MethodⓇ,  LEVEL 2 Training

This is a 30-hour training

The Trauma-Conscious Yoga MethodⓇ Level 2 is a 30-hour training which offers a deeper dive into the topics and skills offered in TCYM Level 1, and an exploration into several new content areas.

One of the focuses of Level 2 is an in-depth investigation of intergenerational trauma and healing. You will receive a more expansive education around generational trauma and the applications and research. Nityda will provide you with somatic practices to heal intergenerational trauma in the body, using the Internal Family Systems process of Legacy Unburdening + yoga. You will explore these practices for yourself first and then have the resources to offer them to your clients and communities.

In Level 2 there is also a greater integration of Buddhist Psychology and emphasis on the pillars of awakening and liberation through embodied work. Nityda’s bookEmbodied Self Awakening: Somatic Practices for Trauma Healing and Spiritual Evolution is the companion manual to this course.


Please note that this training is open only to those who have completed TCYM Level  (please see our FAQ’s below).


Course Prerequisites:

To attend TCYM Level 2, we ask that  you:

  1. Have completed and received certification in TCYM Level 1 (attendance in other trauma-informed yoga trainings is not a replacement for TCYM Level 1)
  2. Are using TCYM in your current professional practice. If not, we ask that you attend at least two coaching calls/consultation groups prior to attending TCYM Level 2. Please email our Admin team for more info if you are not currently using TCYM in your practice but are interested in attending Level 2 (

Click here to see the TCYM Level 2 curriculum

TCYM Level 2 FAQ’s:

Q: What if I attended TCYM with Nityda before it was called TCYM (prior to 2018 when the training was only 15 hours)?

A:  If this is the case, we ask that you attend 2-4 coaching calls/consultation groups before coming to Level 2. Please email Admin at to learn more.

Q: I attended a different trauma-informed yoga training. Can I sign up for TCYM Level 2?

A: No. TCYM is a specific modality that covers additional topics not generally covered in trauma-informed yoga trainings. Therefore we ask that you attend Level 1 first.

Q: I already attended another trauma-informed yoga training that was not TCYM. If I attend TCYM Level 1, won’t it be redundant?

A: We don’t believe so. We have had many trainees come to TCYM Level 1 who attended other trauma-informed yoga trainings and they report getting new information that they did not receive in their other training, especially being that TCYM takes a decolonization lens, integrates somatic therapy practices and offers instruction on how to offer this modality clinically.