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Nityda Bhakti Gessel, LCSW, E-RYT, TIFYT | Trauma Conscious Yoga Institute

I sit with people and help them hold their pain, so they don’t have to hold it alone.

I believe that we are all trauma survivors. We have all experienced pain in relationship to others, and while relationships can harm, relationships can heal. We are wired for relational survival and it is in healing our relationships with ourselves and others that we not only remember the truth about who we really are, but we evolve into exactly who we are meant to be.

I have studied trauma on an intellectual level, I understand the neuroscience deeply, I have gone to school and become licensed as a therapist and done all that society says I should do, and yet it is only through my own daily lived devotion to my own healing path, that I have gathered what is needed to support you along your personal journey to wholeness.

I like to say:

“No Darkness, No Light. Know Darkness, Know Light.”

It is only because I have sat intimately with my own pain, and that I have come to know and understand my own pain well, that I can sit with you as you navigate yours. And while it may sound daunting, the joy and freedom that come from truly knowing ourselves are worth every moment of transient discomfort.


I am licensed to provide psychotherapy in both Virginia and Texas state.

If you are interested in learning more about my practice as a psychotherapist, please click here.

If you don’t reside in Virginia or Texas and are interested in working together, please take a look at the groups, trainings and events that I offer (all listed throughout this website).

I have also authored a forthcoming book, to be published by Norton in 2023, to make the healing work I offer more accessible to a broader audience.

Sending you waves of peace and freedom along your journey.

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